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Reasons why you should engage in a builder early.

Are you thinking of building or renovating? Engaging in a builder early will allow you to receive expert industry knowledge right from the start. Along with an experienced design and drafting team, TQB owner Scott Jackson brings 25 years of industry experience to help incorporate all of your ideas within budget. From design and planning, interior design, through to construction and beyond, Think Quality Building are here to ensure the entire building process is enjoyable and stress-free. Take a further look at the benefits of engaging a builder early.

Sustainability and Innovation

Along with designers and architects, builders can contribute innovative and valuable ideas during the early design stages. This can help you to create a dream home that is practical and sustainable. A collaborative approach to the design process means you will receive a range of ideas and suggestions on how you can enhance your new home or renovation.

Construction knowledge

Builders are experts in all construction phases of your new home or renovation. This knowledge can be shared to offer ideas and suggestions about materials and products using up-to-date specifications and technologies. With a range of factors to consider, engaging in a builder early ensures this information is considered in the project planning phase.

Cost planning

Ultimately, cost planning with your builder fosters transparency, ensures financial accountability, and empowers clients to achieve their desired outcomes within their financial parameters, leading to a successful and satisfying construction experience.

Time savings

Having a builder, designer and drafting team collaborate together with you will ensure your project is kept on track with minimal delays during the design phases. A builder is able to liaise and plan all trades and services early to minimize any costly delays. With greater transparency over subcontractor and trade pricing, valuable time will be saved when it’s time to make your selections.

Increased Accountability

Working with a builder provides increased accountability for your entire project, and you will have a key contact along the way. This will ensure any questions you have are dealt with in a timely manner. Finally, your builder will have a strong understanding of the project as a whole and will be able to address any issues as they arise, making sure the final design meets all building specifications and requirements.
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